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Nishiki Market Japanese Street Yatai

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Nishiki Market Japanese Street Yatai

Experience the life of running your Own Favorite Japanese Street Nishiki Yatai

Street food cart are called Yatai in Japanese. Yatai are wooden stall on wheels. The wooden carts fold out into small but elaborate mobile restaurants, the frame of the cart serving as a kind of "bar" between the cook and customers. Watching them open up is like watching Transformers in real life.  Japan pride themselves for their yummy food and fascinating decoration from their famous street Nishiki Yatai.

ūüĆł¬†Measurements:¬†about 7x2x9in / 18.8x4.5x23.5cm and varies of each set
ūüĆł Compatible with leading blocks of standard size (16mm)
ūüĆł Each set has over 110 pieces and varies of each set
ūüĆł Includes 1 mini doll of each set
ūüď¶ Excludes original box to protect the environment. For further details please see below.*

Now you have the opportunity to experience the life of Japanese Street Market Yatai manager. We have picked Three sets of 4 cute Japanese street Yatai for you to build, role play and learn how to run a Japanese street Yatai in your own comfort room. The perfect gift for your loved ones!

Our First Set called Nishiki Yatai compromise of

1. Cute Japanese Street Nishiki Yatai sells Ayame Florist. Ayame means flower in Japanese. Yatai is filled with lots of beautiful and colorful flowers, who cannot resist not buying a traditional flower cart for their town. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 174 pieces. 


2. Cute Japanese Street Nishiki Yatai sells Sencha. Sencha is the most popular type of tea in Japan. It's grown in direct sunlight, but some tea farmers may experiment with shading the leaves for a couple of days before harvesting them. Sencha is a steamed tea, which gives it a unique grassy and vegetal flavor. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 122 pieces. 


3.¬†Cute Japanese Street Nishiki Yatai selling Makeup (ŚĆĖÁ≤ß), which sells makeup, handbags, all the girl's things for going out. With the exquisite¬†details as shown. It contains 119 pieces.


4.¬†Cute Japanese Street Nishiki Yatai is¬†Ramune („É©„Ɇ„Éć). Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soft drink. With the exquisite¬†details as shown. It contains 131 pieces.


Our Second Set called Tsukiji Yatai compromise of

1. Cute Japanese Street¬†Tsukiji Yatai sells P√Ętisserie („ÉĎ„ÉÜ„ā£„āĻ„É™„Éľ). Selling their famous yummy Kare Pan, cakes, korokke and others. With the exquisite¬†details as shown. It contains 159 pieces.


2. Cute Japanese Street Tsukiji Yatai sells Popcorn and yummy soft cotton candy floss. If you visit Japan, cotton candy can be spun into beautiful shapes, a work of art with sharp natural flavors. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 163 pieces.


3.¬†Cute Japanese Street¬†Tsukiji Yatai is a „Éč„É•„Éľ„āĻ„ā®„Éľ„āł„āß„É≥„Éą Kiosk, a Japanese word for newsagents, which sells newspapers, comics, snacks, food and other goodies. With the exquisite¬†details as shown. It contains 119 pieces.


4.¬†Cute Japanese Street Tsukiji Yatai is¬†KonpeitŇć „ā≥„É≥„Éö„ā§„Éą„Éľ or kompeitŇć, a Japanese sugar candy made from natural pure¬†sugar¬†crystals and very tasty. With the exquisite¬†details as shown. It contains 181 pieces.

Our third Set called Kuromon Yatai compromise of


1. Cute Japanese Street Kuromon Yatai sells Hot dogs. In Japan, they have a Japadog, Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, sautéed onions, sprinkled with nori (dried seaweed flakes). Choice of kurobuta (pork from Berkshire pig (black pig)), bratwurst (pork), turkey, beef or veggie sausage. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 146 pieces.

2. Cute Japanese Street Kuromon Yatai Game stall for children to pop the balloons and win a prize. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 108 pieces.


3. Cute Japanese Street Kuromon Yatai is the Hot Spicy Pot.  Sukiyaki is one of the most popular hot pot dishes among the Japanese. Sukiyaki hot pot is served with sliced beef, vegetables, and tofu in a sweet sauce based on soy sauce. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 151 pieces.


4. Cute Japanese Street Kuromon Yatai is Saito Vegetable Store. Many of them are run privately. It sells fresh vegetables and fruits and will appear on Japanese dinner table. With the exquisite details as shown. It contains 170 pieces.


Each Yatai measures about 23 x 18 x 4 cm with 1-3 mm differences.

Our building blocks are designed with advanced engineering features and challenging tasks for all fans of challenging built, and still achievable to complete by following the instruction booklet.

The perfect gift for those who love their crafts!

You will love seeing your family and friends in excitement when they receive our building blocks, leaving an everlasting smile on your loved ones by surprising them with these super innovative and cool building blocks today.

* Our Building Block sets are packaged in safe and secured protective bags. They do NOT come in the original box to reduce the carbon footprint, save the planet and reduce postage cost on your behalf. It will come with all the pieces and a detailed instruction booklet for you to follow along. 

Standard Blocks: These blocks are compatible with other famous brands.


ūüĆł 100% premium quality¬†(ABS) plastic
ūüĆł Sharp brilliant colors and solid feel
ūüĆł Challenging and rewarding to stimulate all brains
ūüĆł High-quality durable non-toxic green material

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Contain small parts; not suitable for children under 6 years old unless there is adult supervision.

Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we ship to over 300 countries and proud to provide free shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe.

What are the blocks made from? 
All our building blocks are manufactured from a High-Quality Premium strong, resilient plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and will stand the test of time and provide hours of fun building their own creations

Does this help with stress and development? 
Our building blocks are a great way to relieve stress and engage in meaningful and joyful conversations. As children comment on their building creations, they develop important communication skills including the ability to explain ideas, describe their work, talk about the process and verbalize challenges that they had along the way. 

Are these compatible with other leading brands? Yes, these are traditional/standard-sized blocks so they are compatible with other leading brands.

CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 6 years old

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Packaging time: 2-5 Business days

Shipping time: Est 5-10 Business days

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